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John S. Simmons Children

J Simmons Children1.jpg

Two photographs of the children of Judge John S. Simmons, identified from oldest to youngest as Harriet Elizabeth Simmons, John Simmons Jr., and Adda…



A goofy picture of three boys from the 1910s, where they are playing the role of gamblers getting into a fight.

B. Muhlencamp House

B Muhlencamp House1.jpg

Two photographs of the Muhlencamp household in Edwards County, Kansas in the early 1910s.

Senior Ball Game, May Day

Senior Ball Game May Day 2.jpg

Two photographs of a baseball game played on May Day in the early 1910s. The photographs were likely taken someplace in Western Kansas.

Long Branch Saloon Cast Rehearses

2 (3).jpg

Two photographs of the cast of the Long Branch Saloon taken to promote the opening of the Long Branch season in June 1959.